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Economic conditions Premium Company service

We are currently modifying the economic conditions for the Companies, at the moment Gooruf is free for them as well.

  • definitions

    • Defined terms applied in the Premium Company Agreement are also applicable to the Economic Conditions.

    • In addition, the following terms have the meaning below expressed, being understood the terms defined as plural include the singular and vice-versa:


      means the amount equal to £ 1.00 for each access calculated on the basis of the Cost Per Access;

      Cost per access

      means the method to calculate the Fee based on the number of actual access to the Microsite made by the Users regardless if such access is made through the Search System or other search engines or storage of the Microsite domain name;

      Cost Per Access Report

      means the report provided by Gooruf LTD to the Premium Company concerning the accesses to the Microsite made by the Users in order to calculate the Fee.

  • scope

    • The Economic Conditions regulate the method to calculate the Fee due by the Company to Gooruf LTD for the activation and the use of the Microsite, and the payment conditions of the Fee.

  • Cost per access and fee

    • The Premium Company acknowledges that Gooruf records an access to the Microsite each time a User enters the Microsite. The access concerns the beginning of each web session on the Microsite, regardless the actual duration of the access or the activities of the User on the Microsite.

    • Gooruf LTD undertakes to:

      • a) apply reliable third party services, such as Google Analytics, in order to draft the Cost Per Access Report;

      • b) not to perform activities that may deceptively increase the number of access to the Microsite such as, as a way of example, repeted manual click or impressions, incitement to click or generate impressions, use of bots or similar tools in order to generate automatic impressions, deceptive software;

      • c) monitor the access in compliance with the applicable law.

    • Gooruf LTD undertakes to send the Cost Per Access Report to the Premium Company through email by day 15 of the month next to the relevant one, including the calculation of the monthly Fee.

    • If the Premium Company does not challenge the Cost Per Access Report within 5 business days from its receipt, the Cost Per Access Report will be considered as accepted.

    • Subject to a specific agreement with Gooruf LTD, the Premium Company has the right to pay in advance a fixed price for the purchase of at least 1000 access. In this event, the Fee will be calculated at an amount equal to £ 0.80 per access instead of £ 1.00 per access. The Premium Company acknowledges that such a fixed price is not refundable, convertible nor reimbursable under any circumstances, including the events of termination of the Contractual Documents and non achievement of the number of access corresponding to the fixed price paid.

    • The Premium Company undertakes to pay the Fee in GBP. If the Premium Company does not own a bank account in GBP, it will pay in GBP at the exchange rate applied at the moment of the payment with express acknowledgement that the exchange rate exposure is exclusively on the Premium Company.

  • automatic payment

    • With the Premium Company Activation Request, the Premium Company has already authorised Gooruf LTD to automat monthly withdrawal of the Fee.

    • The automatic withdrawal occurs on day 1 of the month next to the relevant one by charging the bank account or the payment card.

    • The Premium Company acknowledges that payment through prepaid cards is not accepted.