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Syndicate Room

Syndicate Room


At SyndicateRoom, our focus is you – the investor. We believe that everyone should have equal access to sophisticated investment opportunities, and that you should get the same deal as the professionals. This philosophy first manifested itself in our ‘investor-led’ equity investing model, which made it possible for individual investors to invest alongside angel investors and on the same economic terms. Since pioneering the investor-led model we have collaborated with leading industry organisations, such as Gust (the largest angel investment platform in the world) and Wayra (a leading startup accelerator), to bring our members the best deals and, most recently, rocked the world of crowdfunding once again by becoming the first and only online equity investment platform to give members access to public markets. And we’re going to keep on pushing the envelope. Everything we do is in pursuit of achieving our vision of a fair, sustainable and transparent online investment industry. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Services: equity crowdfunding, start-up crowdfunding, investment crowdfunding, crowd financing.


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