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Simply Business

Simply Business


What were you doing in 2005? Likelihood is, the same as us. Starting a new business and handling the puzzles, problems and small wins that come with it. Or maybe you were about to take on your first property rental, and now you’re a seasoned hand. Either way, we remember what it’s like to be small, and new. And as an insurance broker, that’s what we build things around. We aim to make protecting your business or rental as simple as possible, with no hint of compromise on quality or cost. We’re proud of the fact that we’re now the UK’s favourite business insurance broker, with over 400,000 businesses and landlords protected through us. And we’re proud of our award-winning claims service, which is, after all, the proof of the pudding. But what we’re most proud of, is our customer feedback. And our commitment to getting better when it comes to insuring the businesses who are building Britain.

Services: employer liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, working home insurance, commercial landlord insurance, commercial property insurance, building insurance, contents cover, contractor insurance, belongings coverage, van insurance.


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