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Scalable Capital

Scalable Capital


We use technology to build and manage your wealth. Improving returns through low costs and risk management. More time, less stress, zero hassle for you. Using technology not just to improve accessibility and transparency, but to deliver three clear investment benefits: Better understanding of risk, Better risk-adjusted returns, More peace of mind. We give you access to all major asset classes and regions, with an investment universe covering more than 8,500 securities. We use cost-efficient, passive Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that we rigorously select for you. We monitor the risk of the investments in your portfolio on a daily basis. When our investment model anticipates a breach of your risk tolerance we adjust your holdings. The result is a smoother investment performance and a better risk-adjusted return.

Services: ETF, equity fund, bond fund, monetary fund, personal finance management, wealth management, investment strategy.


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