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Saga is the UK's specialist in products and services for life after 50. The Saga brand has been carefully developed over the past 65 years to become of of the most recognised and trusted brands among UK consumers aged over 50. Saga is synonymous in the UK with the over 50s market and is recognised for its high quality, award winning products and services. These include cruises and holidays, insurance, personal finance and the Saga Magazine.

Services: savings account, car insurance, travel insurance, breakdown cover, health insurance, life insurance, van insurance, building insurance, contents cover, personal loan, credit card, investment strategy, pension fund, personal finance management.

  • Name Saga
  • Main market UK
  • Headquarters Enbrook Park, Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent CT20 3SE
  • Website http://www.saga.co.uk/

Saga's tags

savings account
car insurance
travel insurance
breakdown cover
health insurance
life insurance
van insurance
building insurance
contents cover
personal loan
credit card
investment strategy
pension fund
personal finance management