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RSA Insurance Group

RSA Insurance Group


RSA is a leading international general insurer operating in three core regions: UK and Ireland, Canada and Scandinavia We’re also one of the world’s longest standing general insurers. Founded in 1710, we’ve been protecting customers from risk and uncertainty for more than 305 years. As the world evolves and changes, so do our customers’ needs. New risks and opportunities emerge all the time so we’re committed to constantly innovating and improving to serve our customers well and win in our chosen markets.

Services: personal insurance, belongings coverage, car insurance, building insurance, contents cover, professional indemnity insurance, commercial property insurance, shop insurance, working home insurance, manufacturer insurance, wholesaler insurance.

  • Name RSA Insurance Group
  • Main market Europe, UK
  • Headquarters 20 Fenchurch Street London EC3M 3AU
  • Website https://www.rsagroup.com/

RSA Insurance Group's tags

personal insurance
belongings coverage
car insurance
building insurance
contents cover
professional indemnity insurance
commercial property insurance
shop insurance
working home insurance
manufacturer insurance
wholesaler insurance