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Headquartered in Geneva, Pictet ranks among Switzerland’s leading private banks and is one of the premier independent asset managers in Europe.As an investment-led service company, we offer only wealth management, asset management and related asset services. We do not engage in investment banking, nor do we extend commercial loans. The partnership ethos of Pictet ensures that we remain committed to preserving the integrity of the Group. We are able to set our own business strategy without pressure from external shareholders or creditors. Our financial independence goes hand-in-hand with independence of mind, exacting risk management and freedom from the temptations of short term fashion. Our adaptability springs from solid and entrepreneurial foundations. Together with our size, these foundations allow us to enjoy the technical expertise and range of skills of the biggest financial groups, while retaining the agility and pioneering spirit of the smallest.

Services: equity fund, bond fund, multi-asset fund, wealth management, private banking, monetary fund, hedge fund, balanced fund, investment strategy, operations advisory, forex, bonds.

  • Name Pictet
  • Main market Europe, UK
  • Headquarters Moor House, Level 11 120 London Wall London, EC2Y 5ET
  • Website https://www.group.pictet

Pictet's tags

equity fund
bond fund
multi-asset fund
wealth management
private banking
monetary fund
hedge fund
balanced fund
investment strategy
operations advisory