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PhillipCapital UK

PhillipCapital UK


  • What accounts does PhillipCapital UK offer?

    PhillipCapital UK offers three accounts:

    Our Phillip account requires a minimum deposit of 200£/$/€ and offers competitive spreads from 0.8 pips.

    Our PhillipTrader account requires a minimum deposit of 1,000£/$/€ and offers tight spreads from 0.6 pips.

    Our Premium account requires a minimum deposit of 10,000 £/$/€ and offers tight spreads from 0.6 pips or raw spreads with a side commission, depending on your needs. Premium account holders are also eligible to a cash rebate of up to 10$ per million traded.

  • When will funds be applied to my account and be available for trading?

    Where we receive notification that funds have been transferred, either by debit card or bank transfer, you will receive an email confirmation. When the funds have been received by us, you will receive a further email confirming that the funds have been applied to your account and are available for trading. We automatically receive notification of payments by Debit Card. If you wish to notify us of a bank transfer, you can let us know either by telephone or through the MyMoney page on your MyPhillip. By notifying us in advance of a bank transfer, we will be able to apply the funds to your account as soon as they are received. It should be noted that deposits received by bank transfer outside normal business hours - 09:00-17:00 London Time - will be processed at the earliest opportunity the following business day.

  • What are PhillipCapital UK's contract sizes?

    1 lot for FX = 100,000 units
    1 Oil contract = 100 barrels
    1 XAU contract = 100oz
    1 XAG contract = 5000oz
    1 CFD contract = Notional price
    1 Copper contract = 1000 oz
    1 NGas contract = 1000 MMBtu

  • Where is my money held?

    Your money will be held in a segregated client bank account with a tier one bank selected by the company. Where large amounts of client money are received by us, we may choose to deposit this money in segregated client accounts across a range of tier one banks. This would be done in order to mitigate any risk to our clients.

  • What does PhillipCapital UK do with my money?

    PhillipCapital UK holds all money received from clients in segregated client money accounts. This money is recorded, held and reconciled daily in accordance with the FCA rules.

  • What are the fees for depositing money on my account?

    Many banks and card providers have processing fees for transferring money. Where these have been applied, PhillipCapital UK will pass on the relevant charge. We do not charge any additional fees.

  • Can I make a card payment over the telephone?

    Yes - PhillipCapital UK has the facility to process debit card payments over the phone. However, for security reasons we advise that wherever possible you should make payments via the secure link in your MyPhillip area.

  • What currencies do PhillipCapital UK accept?

    PhillipCapital UK offer three base currencies for both the Phillip and Premium Account: GBP, EUR, USD. Deposits can only be received in the base currency of the account.

  • What are the operating hours of PCUK?

    PhillipCapital UK Operating from 8am - 6pm, any urgent matter after operating hours, please send an email to support@phillipcapitaluk.com and we will get back to you as soon as we are available.


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