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Paylinko ltd

Paylinko ltd


Paylinko is the virtual POS focused on the acquiring side. The platform let merchants collect card payments without the need of a physical device. Making it cheaper and more efficient than traditional bank transfers and card machines. Saving the merchant a lot of administrative work thanks to automation and electronic invoice generation. The payment request is sent to customers in the form of a link. The link is generated on our platform by the merchant who is invoicing his/her clients for a particular job, service or subscription. Money are transferred directly on the merchant bank account to provide instant liquidity, instead of the traditional wallet that proves to be extremely dispersive and inefficient. How it works: 1. The merchant creates an account in 3 clicks and selects the bank account where he wants the money. (No wallet) 2. The merchant sends a payment link to the customer. 3. The customer, who doesn’t need a Paylinko account, opens the link and fills-in the card details. Or simply scans his card with his own device. So that the merchant never gets access to the customers’ card numbers. 4. Paylinko generates a tax-conform invoice for both parties. 5. The merchant can monitor all the link sent, opened and paid on his personal dashboard where the records of all electronically generated invoices are stored. This can be integrated with other applications. 6. Paylinko can send automatic payment reminders to chase late payments saving time to the merchant.

Services: online payments.

  • Name Paylinko ltd
  • Main market Europe
  • Headquarters Allia Future Business Centre, 18-20 London Lane, London, E8 3PR
  • Website https://www.paylinko.com

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