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Oval Money Ltd

Oval Money Ltd


Oval Money is the personal finance app for EVERYONE: is the best solution to keep track of your finance and save your money... and it is completely FREE & SECURE! 1. TRACK Oval automatically tracks your spending by linking to your bank accounts and credit cards in a secure way (we use bank level 256-bit TLS encryption for all your personal information) so you can have an overview of your monthly budget with all expenses and earnings categorised automatically. 2. LEARN You will be able to make better spending decisions, using the data and lessons from your fellow Ovalers. Using Oval is about constant learning! 3. SAVE Oval allows you to program automatic savings deposits to a personal and secure digital savings account: Set some money aside and start saving as little as £1 at the time! You save using “steps”, commands that tell Oval to set aside some extra saving each time there is new income or spending in your linked accounts. There are three types of steps that can be programmed: Round-Up the price of your purchase and puts the difference in your digital saving account Percentage: Takes a fixed % of what you spent on selected purchases or earned - i.e .3% of your weekly paycheck Fixed Amount: Takes a fixed amount that you set and saves it in your digital wallet for the purchases you choose - i.e. save 50p every time you purchase a coffee (category “Food & drinks”) Join the community of Ovalers and you can #BeMoneyWise


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