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We’re a forward thinking and dynamic financial services business which is focused on doing the right thing for the people that buy our range of insurance, investments and retirement products. As the UK's largest Friendly Society we have more than five million members and customers and exist to grow the value of our business for the benefit of our members. We are here to help people to protect and provide for the things they love through a wide range of financial services including insurance, investment and retirement products. We offer our services direct to consumers, as well as through financial advisers and brokers, and through strategic partnerships with organisations such as ASDA, Nationwide Building Society and a range of trade unions.

Services: life insurance, travel insurance, building insurance, contents cover, breakdown cover, car insurance, property insurance, commercial landlord insurance, single-trip travel insurance, extended-trip travel insurance, investment strategy, bond fund, personal finance management, pension fund, theft coverage, damage coverage, belongings coverage.

  • Name LV=
  • Main market UK
  • Headquarters County Gates, Bournemouth, BH1 2NF, UK
  • Website https://www.lv.com/

LV='s tags

life insurance
travel insurance
building insurance
contents cover
breakdown cover
car insurance
property insurance
commercial landlord insurance
single-trip travel insurance
extended-trip travel insurance
investment strategy
bond fund
personal finance management
pension fund
theft coverage
damage coverage
belongings coverage