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Legal and General

Legal and General


Since the first days of Legal & General we have maintained a deeply embedded desire to provide an honest and diligent service and to do the right thing. Practice makes perfect, and for over 175 years we made sure that we are always here for our customers, providing our best possible products, a clear, fair service and a safe pair of hands for your money. We were founded in 1836 and today we help over 10 million people globally with saving, investing, building retirement income and insuring.

Services: car insurance, travel insurance, building insurance, contents cover, property insurance, damage coverage, belongings coverage, life insurance, multi-asset fund, tracker fund, compare funds, equity fund, pension fund, child health insurance, mortgage.


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car insurance
travel insurance
building insurance
contents cover
property insurance
damage coverage
belongings coverage
life insurance
multi-asset fund
tracker fund
compare funds
equity fund
pension fund
child health insurance