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With a presence in the City for 70 years, JM Finn & Co is located in Coleman Street between Bank and Moorgate. With over sixty investment managers in London today, we provide a range of investment services for private investors and their professional advisers. With most managers focusing on discretionary portfolio management and portfolio advisory, the London office also has expertise in providing Non-Portfolio Advisory and Execution Only services. As investment specialists, we focus on managing investment portfolios across a range of structures, including Pensions (SIPPs & SSASs), ISAs, Trusts and Offshore Bonds. We work closely with third party advisers including Independent Financial Advisers, who can help our clients determine how best to structure their investment portfolios.

Services: pension fund, equity fund, balanced fund, multi-asset fund, growth fund.

  • Name JMFinn&Co
  • Main market UK
  • Headquarters JM Finn & Co, 4 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5TA, UK
  • Website http://www.jmfinn.com

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pension fund
equity fund
balanced fund
multi-asset fund
growth fund