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JLL is a financial and professional services firm specialising in real estate services and investment management. We have more than 70,000 people in more than 1,000 locations in 80 countries serving the local, regional and global real estate needs of those clients, growing our company in the process. In response to changing client expectations and market conditions, we assemble teams of experts who deliver integrated services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge. We attract, develop and reward the best, and most diverse, people in our industry, challenging them to develop enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust.

Services: property development, valuation, office development, residential development, redevelopment, rental value estimate, lease consulting, valuation mortgage security, shopping center management, building compliance, facility management, legal valuation, lease management, occupier management, investment strategy.

  • Name JLL
  • Main market Worldwide
  • Headquarters 30 Warwick Street London W1B 5NH
  • Website http://www.jll.co.uk/

JLL's tags

property development
office development
residential development
rental value estimate
lease consulting
valuation mortgage security
shopping center management
building compliance
facility management
legal valuation
lease management
occupier management
investment strategy