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Health-on-Line is one of the fastest growing individual health insurance companies in the UK, experiencing considerable growth since being established in 2000. Providing simplicity and transparency to customers, Health-on-Line also provides reassurance by being part of the AXA Group of businesses, who have been around for nearly 75 years, and paid out £934.6m in healthcare benefits in 2015. Health-on-Line aims to provide simplicity and transparency for consumers, in an industry that we realise can be confusing! That’s why we try to take the jargon out of as many insurance terms as possible, and let our customers know from the start what will and won’t be covered. Our aim is to keep it clear, deliver excellent customer service, help our customers with any queries or concerns, and avoid gimmics that can be a distraction. Health-on-Line produces simple products, with a basic ‘core cover’ included, and then offers additional options customers can select if they wish, covering different areas. We believe this allows our customers to find cover that meets their requirements, at a price that suits their budget. A range of additional products are also available for customers – specifically for such areas as Cancer or Diagnostics.

Services: health insurance, child health insurance.


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