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We began as a building society in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and are now one of the top high street banks in the UK. Our heritage has shaped us, and stretches back over 150 years. From saving for a rainy day to buying a home, we’ll provide everything you could want from a bank. All our branches are open Monday to Saturday and you can access our services online and by telephone.

Services: current account, savings account, student account, under 18 account, cash ISA, credit card, debit card, rewards card, mortgage, real estate, car loan, debt consolidation, home improvements, borrowing, credit card debt, bank overdraft, life insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, breakdown cover, student insurance, belongings coverage, building insurance, contents cover, damage coverage, property insurance, employer liability insurance, public liability insurance, commercial landlord insurance, pension fund, bond fund, personal finance management, wealth management, gilt, funds, forex, markets, share trading, ETF trading.


Halifax's tags

current account
savings account
student account
under 18 account
cash ISA
credit card
debit card
rewards card
real estate
car loan
debt consolidation
home improvements
credit card debt
bank overdraft
life insurance
car insurance
travel insurance
breakdown cover
student insurance
belongings coverage
building insurance
contents cover
damage coverage
property insurance
employer liability insurance
public liability insurance
commercial landlord insurance
pension fund
bond fund
personal finance management
wealth management
share trading
ETF trading