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Fiver a Day

Fiver a Day


Fiver a day simply put, is investing that adds up, it’s numbers that make sense. We’ll tell you about our regular reporting, our constant help (we won’t forget about you), great tech offering 24/7 access, superb value, discretionary fund management which you pay NO extra for and our funds. We allow you to set your preferences and let our algorithm do the rest – we arrange the buying and selling, the trading, the rebalancing re-balancing and minimising of taxes. Based on what you tell us, we select investments based on your capacity for investment risk and loss and objectives. I wanted an investment revolution, not an investment empire, and we wanted one which was creative and imaginative, intuitive, flexible and fair.

Services: investment strategy, robo advisory, personal finance management, balanced fund, independent advisor.

  • Name Fiver a Day
  • Main market UK
  • Headquarters Closefield House, Burley Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6DH
  • Website http://www.fiveraday.co.uk/

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investment strategy
robo advisory
personal finance management
balanced fund
independent advisor