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Fidelity UK

Fidelity UK


It has been more than 45 years since we were founded, so we’ve seen many market cycles – whether it be bulls and bears or booms and busts. This experience has given us an in-depth knowledge of how markets perform, which helps us find the right paths through many different investment environments. Throughout this time, the needs of our clients have always steered our decisions. Which is why we’ve kept investing as our core activity. We are not a bank. We don’t do insurance. We are purely and simply investors. It’s a particular focus, but we believe this is what allows us to excel – and, even more importantly, to repay the trust that over 1.1m UK clients place in us. We believe we offer some of the best fund solutions in the market. That is why you can access Fidelity’s funds direct from us, without the need to deal with anyone else. However, we also recognise that investors want choice. So you will find a range of over 100 other fund managers with over 2,500 investment choices on our platform too.

Services: fund supermarket, personal finance management, pension fund, ETF, wealth management, tracker fund, equity fund, bond fund, multi-asset fund, mutual fund, balanced fund.

  • Name Fidelity UK
  • Main market Worldwide
  • Headquarters Oakhill House, 130. Tonbridge Road, Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 9DZ
  • Website https://www.fidelity.co.uk/

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fund supermarket
personal finance management
pension fund
wealth management
tracker fund
equity fund
bond fund
multi-asset fund
mutual fund
balanced fund