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Churchill Insurance was among one of the UK’s first direct motor insurers. In 1990, we started selling home insurance and, over the years, have extended our services, now offering car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, breakdown cover and van insurance. We are a UK based company and sell insurance policies by phone and on the internet. In 2003, Churchill was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, making the bank’s insurance arm the second largest general insurer in the UK. Churchill begins a new chapter in its history as we begin to move away from the bank. But in a world full of change, our dedication to extraordinary customer service remains. A place where there’s always time to chat to Churchill, your dependable friend.

Services: life insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, breakdown cover, building insurance, contents cover, van insurance, employer liability insurance, loss coverage, public liability insurance, commercial landlord insurance, single-trip travel insurance, extended-trip travel insurance, property insurance, damage coverage.


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life insurance
car insurance
travel insurance
breakdown cover
building insurance
contents cover
van insurance
employer liability insurance
loss coverage
public liability insurance
commercial landlord insurance
single-trip travel insurance
extended-trip travel insurance
property insurance
damage coverage