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Bought By Many

Bought By Many


Everybody’s different. It’s what makes us human. So why should being different make insurance difficult and expensive to get? Bought By Many is a free, members-only service that helps you find insurance for the things in your life that are out of the ordinary. It’s easier than using a comparison website or trying insurance companies one at a time. And, because we negotiate discounts and cash back offers for our members, it’s often cheaper too. In fact, our members save an average of 18.6%. Better still, joining Bought By Many sends a powerful message to the insurance industry about treating people as individuals.

Services: travel insurance, car insurance, belongings coverage, health insurance, building insurance, contents cover, damage coverage, contractor insurance, van insurance, working home insurance, personal insurance.


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travel insurance
car insurance
belongings coverage
health insurance
building insurance
contents cover
damage coverage
contractor insurance
van insurance
working home insurance
personal insurance