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BlackRock UK

BlackRock UK


In a world that is shifting and changing faster than ever before, investors who want answers that unlock opportunity and uncover risk entrust their assets to BlackRock. As an independent, global investment manager, BlackRock has no greater responsibility than to its clients. It's why many of the world's largest pension funds and insurance companies trust BlackRock to understand their unique objectives and why financial advisors and individual end investors partner with BlackRock to help them build the more dynamic, diverse portfolios these times require. BlackRock has built its offering around its clients' greatest needs: providing breadth of capabilities - and depth of knowledge - across active and passive strategies, including iShares® ETFs. This is combined with a singular focus on delivering strong, consistent performance and an ability to look across asset classes, geographies and investment strategies to find the right solutions.

Services: equity fund, multi-asset fund, mutual fund, ETF, unit investment trust, fund supermarket, personal finance management, bond fund, investment strategy, balanced fund.


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equity fund
multi-asset fund
mutual fund
unit investment trust
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