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Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland


Bank of Scotland was founded in 1695, by an Act of the Scottish Parliament - making it Scotland's first and oldest bank. It has enjoyed a long and prestigious history, acquiring many constituent companies along the way. It now offers services ranging from personal and business banking to private banking.

Services: current account, savings account, business account, personal account, corporate account, cash ISA, credit card, debit card, business credit card, business debit card, student account, student credit card, student debit card, mortgage, life insurance, car insurance, property insurance, bonds, funds, forex, options, stock trading, share trading, bank overdraft.


Bank of Scotland's tags

current account
savings account
business account
personal account
corporate account
cash ISA
credit card
debit card
business credit card
business debit card
student account
student credit card
student debit card
life insurance
car insurance
property insurance
stock trading
share trading
bank overdraft