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At Aspen, we apply intelligence and original thinking to every aspect of our insurance business. Whatever the line, our highly experienced professionals get as close as possible to clients to understand their specific needs, and then create products aimed directly at meeting those needs. Our underwriters are constantly finding new ways to meet the challenges of the market. Our actuaries apply leading-edge skills and the most advanced modelling techniques, using risk management as a way of adding value both for us and for our clients. Our claims department pays valid claims quickly. We aim to build long-term, productive relationships. We know that our future depends on looking after our investors, our people and our clients.

Services: property insurance, employer liability insurance, property investor insurance.

  • Name Aspen
  • Main market Worldwide
  • Headquarters Aspen Insurance, Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3BD, UK
  • Website https://www.aspen.co/Insurance/

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property insurance
employer liability insurance
property investor insurance