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The Automobile Association was created by people like you – keen drivers who just wanted fair treatment. Not much has changed on that front since June 1905, when four driving enthusiasts banded together in London to form the AA. From day one our goal has been exactly the same: to protect you, the motorist, and put your interests first. With over 15 million members from the original 90, it's fair to say we've grown a bit; in fact, we're now the UK's largest motoring organisation, still going strong over a century later. From setting up our first motorbike patrols to piloting 'connected cars', we've got a unique history of embracing new technology and innovations to better serve you. Breakdown cover has always been our number one priority, but we've since branched out into finance, insurance, leisure and lifestyle services.

Services: car insurance, van insurance, building insurance, contents cover, theft coverage, damage coverage, life insurance, breakdown cover, travel insurance, single-trip travel insurance, extended-trip travel insurance, fleet insurance, employer liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, shop insurance, goods transit insurance, contractor insurance, commercial landlord insurance.


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car insurance
van insurance
building insurance
contents cover
theft coverage
damage coverage
life insurance
breakdown cover
travel insurance
single-trip travel insurance
extended-trip travel insurance
fleet insurance
employer liability insurance
professional indemnity insurance
public liability insurance
shop insurance
goods transit insurance
contractor insurance
commercial landlord insurance