Top Defence Stocks to bolster your portfolio

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With escalating tensions on the world stage between rival powers, stocks are feeling the pinch of uncertainty and slow trading. But while trading suffers a slowdown, arms manufacturing and Defence have seen values increase amid the uncertainty. US trading indexes have seen a year-to-date increases fo 30% with strong performers in ETF’s.

With military production seeing strong developments, they’re likely to increase long-term. These are some of the top performers to buy into for strong gains.

Top Defence Stocks to buy up

Lockheed Martin – Value $311.97 (Up 0.57%)

Lockheed Martin is one of the manufacturing companies set to gain immensely from developments internationally. The company recently signed a deal with the Romanian government for PAC-3 Missile systems, with more international interest. The CEO has expressed a desire for a continued international presence, with its value certainly rising.

BAE Systems Plc. – Value £563 (Up 0.36%)

The UK Based company has seen resilient performance over a five-year stretch, with the recent news set to bolster that. With more interest circling this company, it is also an underrated dividend stock, with a 3.82% return on shares. This dividend and long-term developments make it an interesting buy for short and longer-term investors.

General Dynamics – Value $200.21 (Up 0.16%)

According to Reuters, the Saudi-based Oil giant Saudi Aramco awarded the US-based company a lucrative security contract. Aramco seeks to increase the performance and security of its offshore oil extraction facilities as it enters the public realm. Zacks also reports that General Dynamics have secured a modification contract for the Virginia-Class submarines worth $432million.

Like BAE, General Dynamics offers an annual dividend yield of o.84¢ a share, giving incentive for long and short-term investment.

Raytheon – Value $185.20 (Up 0.73%)

The American company has recently announced the formation of a new subsidiary based in Abu Dhabi as part of a broader initiative. Raytheon aspires to build stronger international relations, fostering improved cyber-security and collaboration worldwide by 2030. Its recent selection by DARPA to lead a Casual Exploration program makes it a strong player in the cybersecurity realm.

It also boasts an average dividend yield of 1.74% per share and is positioning itself exceptionally well long-term.

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