Theresa May under pressure – again!

|1 month ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May is once more the protagonist of party chaos as forty Conservatives members of Parliament have settled to sign a letter of no-confidence- only eight short of what is needed to spark a vote in the commons on her future.  The bone of contention remains Brexit and how the so-called divorce, should be handled. To add to the fuel, a letter written by former nemeses Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and directed at Theresa May, has leaked complaining that ‘insufficient energy’ has been directed towards Brexit. This is the last of a string of incidences that have left May’s government weak, and is the second attempt to unseat May following her not-so-smooth speech at the annual party conference. 

Michela Barnier the European Chief Negotiator for Brexit, has warned that the Union is actively preparing for the possible breakdown of Brexit talks, despite it not being the ‘preferred option’. Barnier emphasised a need for the UK to provide greater clarity on the financial settlement it is prepared to offer as part of the Brexit deal, currently estimated by the EU at about €60 billion. In order to advance to the next stages of negotiations, EU Member States will all have to agree, in a summit that will take place between the 14-15 of December, whether enough has been agreed on the core issues surrounding Brexit. 

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