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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Gooruf?

    Gooruf is a social platform which connects people to the world of finance through editorial content, forums and an exhaustive database of financial companies and services.

  • What can I find on Gooruf?

    You can find hundreds of financial service Companies, the services they offer, their insights and related news. You can also find daily news covering all things investments, personal finance management and lifestyle tips. Through the Community section you can ask questions and respond to other users and Companies.

  • What does Gooruf offer me?

    Gooruf allows you to find all the information you need to make financial decisions and to collect content, tips, articles that interest you in one unique platform. You can also receive updates on the financial Companies and topics that interest you.

  • Who is Gooruf for?

    Gooruf is for everyone, for users with an interest in finance who want to keep updated and find valuable information to improve their financial wellbeing. Gooruf is also for financial Companies who want to better understand their customers and have a more personable relationship with them.

  • How much does it cost to use Gooruf?

    Gooruf is free for all. There are no subscription fees for neither the users nor the Companies. Companies who wish to create a Premium account must pay a variable fee related to the traffic they receive.

  • Is there an app for Gooruf?

    Gooruf is a mobile-friendly website with an app soon to come.

  • Who manages Gooruf?

    Gooruf is a platform developed by Gooruf LTD, a company owned by Blue Financial Communication S.p.A.

  • What language is Gooruf in?

    Currently Gooruf is available both in English and in Italian. Soon it will be available in many more languages.

  • In which countries can I use Gooruf?

    Currently Gooruf can be used in the UK and in Italy. In late 2017 we are also looking to launch Gooruf Asia, featuring the leading Asian financial Companies.

  • Can I use Gooruf without subscribing?

    Yes, you can access Gooruf freely even when you are not a member of the Community. However, you will need to subscribe to interact with Companies or other users.

  • Can I follow Gooruf on social media?

    Sure, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

  • How can I contact the Gooruf team?

    If you have any queries you can drop us an email at

  • Can I receive a newsletter from Gooruf?

    Yes, if you subscribe to Gooruf you will receive it.

  • What does it mean to be a Member?

    Any user can become a Member by subscribing to Gooruf and creating a personal profile.

  • Why should I become a Member?

    As a member you can access and interact with more content, customize your experience and communicate with Companies or other Members.

  • Who are the Companies?

    The Companies are the companies that offer financial products and services that are listed in the Gooruf database. Premium Companies are subscribed companies that have a customized profile and that you can interact with.

  • How much does it cost to become a Member?

    It’s free!

  • How can I delete my Member profile?

    By unsubscribing to Gooruf your profile will be automatically deleted.

  • Is my data protected on Gooruf?

    Yes, you can choose which information to display publicly or hide. The only users who can see your public data are other Members and Premium Companies, following Gooruf’s regulations.

  • How do I know that the Companies are reliable?

    Gooruf only lists and selects Companies who are authorized by a financial jurisdiction (i.e. FCA in the UK). However, the Company is responsible for the reliability of their products and offers highlighted on the platform.

  • Can I buy a financial product or service on Gooruf?

    No, Gooruf is a social network, a media platform that connects users to financial Companies, and it is therefore not a financial company itself.

  • Can I find all the financial companies on Gooruf?

    Not for the moment as, so far, we have focus on quality rather than quantity. We have selected the leaders in different sectors who also have a digital strategy. However, our platform is always growing and more companies will be listed in the future.

  • Can I receive notifications and updates from the Companies I’m interested in?

    Yes, after clicking “Follow” on the Company’s profile, you will receive notifications to your feed every time there is an update regarding that Company.

  • Can I ask a question directly to a Company?

    Sure, you can do this by tagging the Company in your question in the Community section or you can send a direct message through the Company’s profile page.

  • Why should I search on Gooruf rather than on Google?

    Gooruf offers you quality information in a faster, more relevant and more reliable manner regarding any financial topic.

  • Can I subscribe to a Company’s event or newsletter through Gooruf?

    Yes, through the links included in the Company’s profile you will be redirected to the relevant subscription page.

  • Can I rate a Company?

    Soon there will be a functionality for you to rate the Premium Companies’ products.

  • Do I need to subscribe to read Gooruf’s news articles?

    No, all the news articles are available for free for both Members and regular users, and they are updated daily.

  • Is there a Gooruf app?

    Not yet, but we are working on it. You can obviously visit the Gooruf website on your mobile.

  • Can I ask questions on the Community?

    Yes, if you are a Member. Our advice is to add tags to allow other Members and Companies to find your question more easily.

  • Who can answer my questions on the Community?

    Your question can be answered by other Member users, Premium Companies or by Gooruf’s journalists.

  • Can I interact with other Member users?

    Yes, you can interact through the Community section or through their profile, by sending a direct message.

  • I can’t find an answer to my question in the FAQs, what do I do?

    We’d be happy to help. Send your question to our team at

  • What does it mean to be a Premium Company?

    It gives you access to a customizable micro-site within the Gooruf platform where marketing material, insights, media and product information can be uploaded. It also allows you to interact with the users.

  • What are the advantages of becoming a Premium Company?

    The micro-site allows the connection with potential clients and a qualified target who can follow your micro-site and interact with you through a single interface.

  • Why should I search on Gooruf rather than on Google?

    Gooruf attracts a targeted and qualified traffic and it helps users find accurate information about finance faster.

  • Is there a website like Gooruf?

    No, Gooruf is the only financial platform of this type in the world.

  • How is Gooruf better than other social networks?

    On Gooruf, your followers can easily translate into customers as they have an interest in financial services and they receive updates related to the Companies they follow directly on their feed.

  • Why should I join Gooruf when my website is already leading on the web?

    Gooruf gives you the possibility to build engagement through the Community, the direct messaging system as well as the media and insights you can publish.

  • How is traffic generated on Gooruf?

    We generate traffic in three ways: we redirect the users of our other media platforms (Bluerating, Gooruf, Fintech Age), we drive viewership through our news section as well as the Companies’ contributions.

  • How can I contact my followers or the users I’m following?

    You can contact other users by answering or asking questions on the Community section and by sending direct messages on their profile.

  • Should I have separate micro-sites for each company/ brand of the group?

    Yes, each company or brand of the group should have a separate micro-site, one for each country it is active in.

  • Why can’t I find some financial Companies on Gooruf?

    Gooruf has selected the most prominent financial companies in the UK market in terms of market shares and digital presence. All the companies on Gooruf offer services online and have a clear digital strategy.

  • How can I get my company on Gooruf?

    If you wish to have a profile on Gooruf for your company, you can apply online. Our team will verify that your company exists, is compliant to UK regulations and to the Gooruf requirements.

  • If I’m a Premium Company, how can I appear above other Premium Companies in the search result?

    A Premium Company always appears higher than a Basic Company in the algorithm. Then between similar Premium Companies the algorithm identifies which has a higher level of engagement on the platform. The engagement level is defined by the number of followers, likes, overall activity on the site, frequency of the updates of the company micro-site.

  • How can I get articles about my company on the homepage?

    The Insights featured on the homepage appear if they are recent and/or receive many likes from the users.

  • If the user navigates through different sections of my micro-site, do I pay each click?

    No, you only pay once for each user session. Our payment system works as a Pay-per-Access hence you would only pay a click if the user visits your Premium micro-site directly or views a single content of your micro-site, but not a click from one area of your micro-site to another.

  • Why should I manage a micro-site on Gooruf when my aim is to drive traffic on my own website?

    Gooruf is not a substitution to your corporate website but a complement to your digital activity. The traffic on Gooruf is also connected to your company website through the links you can add on your micro- site for each product, in the Services section.

  • How can Premium Companies receive updates on the visits and traffic?

    Premium Companies have access to real-time analytics and data, powered by Google Analytics, as well as regular reports on the Gooruf traffic.

  • Can a Premium Company have a direct contact with potential clients?

    Yes, you can have a direct contact with potential clients through their user profiles and the Community section.

  • Can Premium Companies sell products and services to clients on Gooruf?

    On Gooruf there can be no direct transactions between users and Companies because we are a media platform and not a financial company. If a user is interested in buying a service or product found on Gooruf, he/she will be redirected to the company’s website.

  • Can I place adverts on Gooruf?

    No, but you can promote products, analyses, marketing material and news through your micro-site. Gooruf will reward the content that attracts user engagement by featuring it on the homepage.

  • How much work does the maintenance of a micro-site demand?

    The micro-site is very simple to use and to update, being very similar to other profile formats on social media.

  • How much traffic can I expect on my micro-site?

    You can expect less traffic than on other social media platforms but a much more qualified and targeted user base, with an interest in your activities.

  • How can I increase the traffic to my micro- site?

    You can create greater engagement on your micro- site by contributing to discussions in the Community section, by posting Insights regularly and uploading new content on your micro-site.

  • Can I have a three months trial as a Premium Company?

    No, but becoming a Premium Company is free, without fixed costs and without commitment since you can cancel your account for free at any time. Please note that when cancelling, the subscription will still be running until the first of the following month.

  • How much does it cost to become a Premium Company?

    You can create a Premium account for free and then you only have to pay £1 per access (i.e. per user session on the Premium micro-site).

  • How is the payment processed for a Premium Company?

    The payment is processed automatically following your preferences (direct debit, single payment) that you will have chosen at the subscription phase.

  • How can I check I am being charged the right amount for my Premium account?

    You can access the data and analytics related to the traffic on your content at any time through your online account. Moreover, you will receive a monthly report by e-mail summarizing the number of accesses to your micro-site.

  • If a user buys a product or service of mine thanks to Gooruf, do I need to pay a commission?

    No, Gooruf is a media and social platform, not a distributor nor a seller.