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Rataran is a revolutionary Fintech Advisory Firm, founded in 2015 by a group of financial market professionals with working experience in risk management and IT which aims at transforming the ordinary Asset Management model with a totally different approach. Our core business is the trader selection process, thanks to proprietary algorithms, looking for consistent trading methodologies, not for capital allocation skills. Our innovative gamification approach allows us to split the methodology from the emotional behavior.

Servizi: operations advisory, fondi.


Rataran Rating&Ranking

In questo video presentiamo l'idea che sta alla base della filosofia di Rataran Rating&Ranking.

Rataran Innovare per Rivoluzionare

Il nostro Fondatore, Giuseppe Calabrese, spiega come Rataran possa innovare il mondo dell'Asset Management

Rataran Concept

Our Sales Manager, Lorenzo Galbiati explain how Rataran is going to revolutionize the Investment process!



  • Nome Rataran
  • Mercato principale Italia
  • Sede centrale Via Talamoni, 1 20861 Brugherio (MB)
  • Website https://www.rataran.com/

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operations advisory