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Yellen says she is optimistic about the resilience of the US economy

In an era marked by economic turbulence and global uncertainties, the figure of Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, stands out as a beacon of hope and guidance. During a recent meeting in Washington, as part of the Fortune CEO Initiative conference, Yellen outlined a landscape of the American economy that, against all odds, appears robust and resilient. Investors, keen observers of economic dynamics, now find themselves reflecting on the prospects of inflation and the evolution of interest rates, and Yellen’s analyses offer a fundamental key to interpreting the future economic path of the United States.

The issue of inflation, which persists despite forecasts, has generated no small concerns in the financial world. Investors, in their relentless search for effective strategies, question the actions to be taken to contain its escalation. While some voices suggest the possibility of maintaining high interest rates for an extended period, Yellen calls for caution, emphasizing that such a prospect is by no means a certainty. Her words shed light on the complexity of the current economic context and the inherent difficulties in attempting to predict future dynamics.

A point of particular interest, raised by Yellen, concerns the effect of investments, especially those directed towards renewable energy, on future interest rates. If, on the one hand, such investments could theoretically lead to an increase in rates, Yellen does not fail to recall the structural forces that, for decades, have contributed to keeping rates under control, such as demographic trends. These elements, she observed, are still fully operational, introducing a further element of variability into the overall picture.

Yellen emphasizes the importance of a sustainable fiscal policy

With a frankness that distinguishes her, Yellen admitted that the future of bond yields remains an open question, a dilemma that concerns her and is at the center of discussions of the current administration. This aspect underscores the complexity of economic forecasts in a constantly changing context.

Yellen then reiterated the importance of pursuing a “sustainable fiscal policy”. She highlighted how the current level of debt, when related to GDP and adjusted for inflation, is sustainable. However, she issued a warning: a prolonged increase in long-term interest rates could pose a risk to the country’s financial stability. This point of view highlights the importance of finding a balance between promoting economic growth and the need to ensure fiscal responsibility.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the moment, Yellen’s optimism about the future of the American economy does not waver. She cited several indicators that strengthen her positive view, such as solid consumer spending, consistent investments, and a real estate market in clear recovery. She also highlighted the downward trend in short-term inflation, in a context of an extremely solid job market.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling Yellen’s recent words about the need to avoid a government deadlock, a situation that could have had negative repercussions on the economy. She emphasized the importance of ensuring funds for Ukraine, highlighting how, even in periods of internal economic focus, global issues cannot be overlooked.


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