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Winter sales 2024: hunt for deals, trends, and tips for conscious shopping

The hunt for deals officially begins with the kickoff of the 2024 Winter Sales in almost all of Italy. Valle d’Aosta started two days ago, while Trentino Alto Adige has a staggered start between tourist municipalities and others. In Trento and its province, merchants have the autonomy to decide when to initiate discounts.

The discount period will involve almost 16 million families, with estimated turnover of 4.8 billion euros and an average spending of around 137 euros per capita. Giulio Felloni, the national president of Federazione Moda Italia-Confcommercio, highlights the exceptional opportunity for consumers to find quality products at affordable prices.

Winter sales 2024: the five rules for conscious purchases

Confcommercio and Federazione Moda Italia emphasize five crucial rules for purchases during sales: exchanges, garment trials, payments, products for sale, and price indications. Exchanges are at the discretion of the retailer but mandatory in case of defects. Garment trials are optional, payments must accept credit cards, and it is advisable to avoid purchases without clear labels. Online buyers have the right to exchange or return within 14 days.

Purchase preferences and budget

According to a survey by Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia, during the sales, 63.8% of consumers will make purchases, with clothing (95.2%) and footwear (86.3%) topping preferences. 85% will allocate a budget below 200 euros. Physical stores (47.6%) remain the preferred channel, followed by online (38.7%). To increase sales, 79% of businesses utilized social media campaigns, and 30% engaged in email marketing, mainly on Facebook (94.9%) and Instagram (89.2%).

Impact of climate change on sales

Climate change complicates the situation for retailers. Mild temperatures have halved purchases of autumn-winter collections (-46%), making it challenging for stores to sell at full price.

2024 winter sales: predictions and trends

According to the National Consumers Union, the 2024 winter sales will represent a turnover of 4.8 billion euros. Involved families will be 15.8 million, spending an average of 137 euros per person. Clothing will experience the most significant discounts, with an average price reduction of 20.4%. These data indicate growth compared to 2023 but a decrease compared to 2022.

Tips for conscious and sustainable purchases

With a growing focus on sustainability, the National Consumers Union suggests paying attention to the actual price during sales. Avoiding being enchanted by “improbable” discounts is essential for conscious shopping. Comparing the old price with the discounted one remains a valid practice to ensure real savings.

The future of online shopping during sales

With advancing technology, online shopping during sales is becoming increasingly popular. Retail businesses have responded to these new trends with social media sales campaigns and email marketing activities. Facebook and Instagram remain the most used networks, reflecting the importance of the digital world in the shopping realm.

Conclusion: winter sales 2024 – deals and awareness

The 2024 Winter Sales promise record deals, but buyers are advised to make conscious purchases. With the right rules and attention to the actual price, consumers can enjoy a gratifying shopping experience during this discount period. The evolution of the sector, with the expansion of online purchases and a focus on sustainability, indicates a shift in purchasing behaviors that could shape the future of winter sales commerce.


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