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Trump’s empire teetering due to new legal woes

In the beating heart of New York, the city that never sleeps, a judicial chapter is about to unfold that could rewrite the story of one of the most debated figures in recent years: Trump. We are not talking about the political man, the president who divided America, but the entrepreneur, the real estate mogul, the builder of skyscrapers and empires.

As whispers of his possible return to the White House in 2024 grow louder, a shadow looms on the horizon, threatening to tarnish his image as a skilled businessman. Letitia James, the sharp New York Attorney General, has leveled a heavy charge: did Trump, perhaps, “touch up” the value of his properties, inflating them to obtain more favorable conditions in financial and insurance operations?

The Big Apple is gearing up for fiery weeks ahead

It’s said that Trump, the true showman as always, doesn’t want to miss a minute of this trial and intends to sit front and center in the Manhattan courthouse to follow the proceedings. And this isn’t just theater: a judge has already expressed doubts about the propriety of the former president’s real estate dealings.

So, what exactly does Attorney General James want? It’s not just a matter of principle: we’re talking about a fine that could reach $250 million. And that’s not the end of it. James would like Trump and his heirs, Donald Jr. and Eric, to be temporarily removed from the New York business scene. And for the Trump Organization, the crown jewel, a forced five-year hiatus is in the cards.

Faced with these allegations, Trump’s response was swift: in his view, this would be a political attack, an attempt to smear his reputation. But the words of Judge Arthur Engoron seem to paint a different picture. An example? The valuation of Trump’s apartment in the famous Trump Tower. According to the judge, the figures provided by Trump would be, to put it mildly, “overly optimistic.”

The repercussions of this trial for Trump could be devastating

Some of Trump’s business licenses, related to key properties like the Trump Tower, could be revoked. There’s also talk of appointing external administrators to manage the liquidation of some of his companies.

Even if the companies directly involved are only a small part of Trump’s empire, the repercussions on his finances could be massive. These aren’t just any assets: they are the pillars on which his entire empire stands.

The trial is expected to be long and intricate, with a witness list that could exceed 150 people. Many experts will be called upon to comment on financial documents and property valuations.

According to Attorney General James, Trump would have used these “inflated” valuations to gain unjustified financial advantages, which could translate into hundreds of millions of dollars.

All of this happens as Trump is planning his next political move for 2024. Despite the legal challenges, he remains a dominant figure in the American political landscape.


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