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The oil and Russia: a winning strategy or a risk for the economy?

For some time now, the West has been trying to put a brake on the sales of Russian oil to Ukraine. But, you know something? This move seems more like a symbolic gesture than a real strategy, given that Russia has sold most of its oil for less than 60 dollars a barrel.

But now, there’s news! The price of Russian oil has exceeded that famous limit, and this is bringing a lot of money into the Kremlin’s coffers. And with the tension between Israel and Hamas, oil prices are rising even more. It seems that there are also some people who are trying to circumvent this price limit. In short, the situation is getting complicated.

Some experts say that to really challenge Russia, sanctions should be strengthened even more. Benjamin Hilgenstock, a very sharp guy who works at the Kyiv School of Economics, thinks that reducing oil profits could be the key to destabilizing the Russian economy.

And do you know why? Oil is like oxygen for the Russian economy. Thanks to these profits, Putin can invest in the army and at the same time prevent inflation from skyrocketing. But, despite everything, Russia seems to be resisting the sanctions well. In fact, it seems that its economy will grow this year, while Germany’s will not.

What could change with the oil price cap?

But beware! Russia’s main source of income could be in danger. Some studies say that sanctions have already cost Russia a lot of money. And, despite the price limit, it seems that Western ships continue to load Russian oil. This could mean that someone is trying to bypass the rules.

In conclusion, with oil prices continuing to rise, Russia is making quite a bit of money. But, as they say, not everything that glitters is gold. We will see how the situation develops!

And while Russia seems to be enjoying a moment of prosperity thanks to oil, one has to wonder: how long will this wave of success last? The global economy is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, and relying too much on a single resource could be risky.

Many experts believe that diversifying income sources is the key to ensuring stable economic growth. If the West decided to adopt stricter measures or if new energy technologies emerged, the demand for oil could decrease, challenging the Russian economy.

Moreover, one must also consider public opinion. While Russia is profiting, how will citizens of other countries react to news of possible sanctions violations? Diplomacy and international relations could play a crucial role in the coming months.

In short, even if Russia is riding the wave of success now, the future is uncertain. As in any strategy game, every move has its consequences, and only time will tell if Russia made the right choice.


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