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The impact of gas prices on inflation: what to know

Gas prices have skyrocketed, leading to a series of repercussions. August marked a pivotal moment for the global economy. Inflation hit 3.7%, marking the most significant monthly increase since June 2022. This information comes directly from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Comparing this figure to that of July, we see an uptick. In fact, in July, the annual inflation rate was 3.2%. This means that in just one month, inflation grew by 0.6%. Even though many economists, including those surveyed by Reuters, had anticipated this rise, reality exceeded expectations.

So, what triggered this inflation surge? One of the main reasons is the rise in gas prices. In August, pump prices jumped by over 10%, accounting for more than half of the monthly inflation increase. This hike is attributed to the rising oil prices and the high temperatures in the Gulf region, which slowed down refining activities.

Gas prices and consequences on global inflation

It’s not just gas; prices for housing and food have also remained high. Notably, housing costs, which have been rising for 40 consecutive months, saw their smallest increase since 2021.

The Federal Reserve’s response to this data remains a puzzle. Some indicators suggest a price moderation. This, combined with a recent employment report, might persuade the central bank not to further raise interest rates. However, Jerome Powell, the Fed’s chairman, recently stated that despite the moderation, inflation is still too high.

Jim Baird, the chief investment officer at Plante Moran Financial Advisors, emphasized that the economic situation might necessitate a more significant slowdown than the Fed anticipates. This could lead to a shift in monetary policy.

In conclusion, if high inflation is straining your wallet, you might think about taking out a personal loan to reduce your debt. This could help you better manage your finances in these uncertain times.


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