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Quality of Life in Italy: Udine at the Top, Naples at the Bottom of the Rankings

In the Italian socio-economic landscape, 2023 presents significant variations in the quality of life, highlighted in the annual analysis by Sole 24 Ore. The province of Udine confirms its leadership, while Naples faces a worrying decline. This article will explore key data and national trends contributing to this overview of the quality of life in Italy.

Quality of Life in La Spezia: A Disturbing Decline

In La Spezia, the quality of life experiences a notable decline according to the Sole 24 Ore survey. The province ranks 57th, dropping nine positions from the previous year. The “Environment and Services” category registers a significant drop, with La Spezia losing twenty-three positions, settling at 34th place. The decline is evident in the “Business and Work” and “Wealth and Consumption” sectors, with poor results in economic and employment data.

The Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Riviere di Liguria, Marco Casarino, emphasizes that the decline phenomenon involves the entire Ligurian region, with La Spezia reflecting the general trend of prices above the national average, prompting reflection on the role of large-scale retail trade (gdo) in the region.

Quality of Life for Women in Italy: Udine at the Top

A thorough analysis reveals that Udine leads the ranking in the quality of life for women in 2023, surpassing the national average in female employment, gender employment gap, life expectancy, and representation in institutions. The Friulian province stands out as an example of gender equity and female well-being.

Major Cities and the Deterioration of Quality of Life

Italian metropolises, like Naples, face growing challenges. Naples, in particular, slips to 105th place, becoming the third-to-last in the overall ranking. Factors such as population density, crime, and employment data negatively impact the quality of life. The center-right strongly criticizes the administration, emphasizing the deterioration of the female condition.

Province of Udine at the Top of the Overall Rankings

The province of Udine emerges as the winner in the overall ranking, gaining eleven positions compared to the previous year. The presence of gyms, pools, and low crime rates are among the key factors contributing to Udine’s success.

National Trends and Province Comparison

Sole 24 Ore’s analysis reveals positive national trends, with an increase in the female employment rate and an improvement in the percentage of young employed women. However, challenges persist, such as the gender pay gap and the increase in reports of sexual violence. The annual ranking provides an in-depth look at Italian provinces, showing regional disparities and the need for targeted interventions.


Sole 24 Ore’s annual ranking outlines a complex map in Italy in 2023. While Udine celebrates success, Naples and other Southern provinces face significant challenges. Reflection on the causes of these changes is essential to implement policies and initiatives that can improve overall well-being in the country.


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