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Musk’s X: a revolution in the world of social media

Hey, have you heard the latest about X? Yes, I’m talking about that platform we once called Twitter. Well, it seems that Musk is making some pretty bold moves! X is taking a leap into the future with biometric data collection. And I’m not just talking about uploading a cute selfie to show the world. No, no, we’re talking about something much bigger.

If you’re one of those lucky ones with an X Premium subscription, get ready for a surprise. Now you can boost your profile with official verification, like showing an ID. But wait, there’s more! X doesn’t just stop at images. It seems they want to dig a little deeper, like getting to know your professional and academic path. Just imagine, X could become your new best friend in the job world, connecting job seekers with employers. Basically, a professional Tinder!

Will X become a job search portal?

And there’s gossip going around in the tech world corridors. It’s said that the former Twitter wants to become a full-fledged job portal. And, to be honest, after X Corp acquired Laskie, a super-technological recruitment service, I’m starting to believe these rumors too.

But the best is yet to come. With the arrival of September 29th, if you’re an X Premium user, you’re in for a monumental change. Thanks to the new privacy guidelines, biometric elements like facial recognition will be in the spotlight. And not just to look good, but to ensure that you are really you.

As if that wasn’t enough, Musk has hinted that X might soon introduce video calls and audio calls. And the best part? Forget the old phone number!

In short, Musk has a grand vision for the former Twitter. He wants it to be the go-to for all your digital needs, from chatting with friends to looking for a new job. And as the old Twitter embarks on this adventure, we’re all here, ready to see what will happen next in this exciting online world.


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