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Mario Draghi listens to european industry priorities in Milan

The former President of the European Central Bank and the Council, Mario Draghi, held a significant meeting in Milan with a representation of European business leaders, organized by the European Round Table for Industry (Ert). The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the priorities of European industry in light of the Competitiveness Report requested by Ursula von der Leyen last September.

Mario Draghi listening to industrial demands

The meeting, lasting about an hour and a half, was characterized by Draghi’s willingness to carefully listen to the demands and priorities of major European entrepreneurs. The promise to update the Competitiveness Report very soon was reiterated, highlighting the strategic importance of the document requested by the President of the European Commission.

Ert delegation: 60 major companies, 2 trillion euros in revenue

The Ert delegation, consisting of 60 major companies with a total of 2 trillion euros in revenue, represented a broad spectrum of European industry. The presence of prominent figures such as Ilham Kadri, Dimitri Papalexopoulos, Jim Hagemann Snabe, Jacob Wallemberg, and Vittorio Colao gave the meeting an influential character, representing various facets of continental industry.

Priorities: green transition and innovation

During the meeting, it became clear that the main priorities for European businesses are the green transition and innovation. These challenges are particularly crucial in the context of growing environmental awareness and pressures to adopt sustainable solutions. The need to address the energy transition was identified as the most significant challenge as Europe seeks to balance the competitiveness of businesses with the need to adopt more sustainable practices.

Positive feedback from Mario Draghi

At the end of the meeting, Draghi stated that the session went “well,” expressing satisfaction with the input received from the Ert delegation. This positive feedback suggests that the discussions provided significant insights for the Competitiveness Report, which will be presented shortly after the European Parliament elections in June.

Next steps: report presentation and EU seminar

The Competitiveness Report, now enriched by discussions with industrial leaders, will be presented by Mario Draghi on Friday in a closed-door seminar on EU priorities, organized by Ursula von der Leyen and the College of Commissioners. This event marks a crucial step towards improving European competitiveness, providing a roadmap to address challenges such as the green transition and innovation.

In conclusion, the meeting in Milan represented a moment of constructive dialogue between Mario Draghi and key representatives of European industry, indicating proactive collaboration to address future challenges and promote sustainable growth on the continent.


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