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EU Stocks Decline: Global Economic Concerns and Awaited US Data

In the first part of the session, European stocks show a lackluster start, indicating a slight decline. Investors await data on US consumer confidence and closely monitor the Federal Reserve’s moves ahead of inflation data. The situation of EU stocks remains uncertain, influenced by various economic and geopolitical factors.

Current Situation of EU Stocks

The FTSE MIB in Milan, CAC 40 in Paris, DAX 40 in Frankfurt, IBEX 35 in Madrid, FTSE 100 in London, and AEX in Amsterdam fluctuate, recording slight variations. Wall Street closes negative after four weeks of gains, influencing Asian markets as well. This uncertain scenario is fueled by mixed expectations regarding upcoming economic data.

EU Stocks: Focus on Economic Data

The week appears intense with data on Eurozone inflation and US PCE inflation. Consumer confidence in Germany improves slightly, but investors await US data to assess the Fed’s next moves. Attention is highest on the Federal Reserve and its indications on monetary policy, with the possibility of a pause if inflation data shows further cooling.

Financial Markets Trends

The banking sector appears robust, with Banca Monte Paschi Siena, Banco Bpm, and Bper Banca on the rise. The industrial sector shows positive performances for Iveco Group and Cnh Industrial, while some stocks like Diasorin, Moncler, and Campari experience declines. Utilities are in the spotlight after the green light for the Energy Decree.

Trends in Currency and Commodities Markets

The exchange rate between the euro and the dollar remains above 1.09. Oil shows a slight increase awaiting the OPEC+ meeting. In the natural gas and gold sectors, there are slight variations. These movements reflect global uncertainties, with investors seeking refuge in traditionally considered safe sectors.

Black Friday: Disparity between the UK and the USA

Black Friday disappoints in the UK with transactions lower than the previous year. In the US, Cyber Monday is anticipated to be a record with estimated online spending exceeding $12 billion. This disparity indicates differences in economic conditions and spending habits between the two nations, highlighting global challenges for retailers.

Asian Markets Trends

Asian markets close with mixed results, with the Tokyo Stock Exchange slightly down. The continuous rise of the yen weighs on the performance of Japanese exports. This phenomenon highlights the dependence of the Japanese economy on currency dynamics and its vulnerability to global fluctuations.

Closing of EU Stocks

European stocks close with a decline, highlighting concerns about Chinese industrial profits. Investors show caution, awaiting crucial data on inflation and economic growth. Growing uncertainty could influence central banks’ decisions on monetary policy, with analysts betting on further pauses.


In conclusion, EU stocks navigate uncertain waters, facing a series of economic challenges. Investors remain cautious, closely monitoring geopolitical developments and upcoming economic data. Prudence seems to be the watchword, with attention focused on central bank decisions and global dynamics that will influence markets in the coming weeks.


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