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Economy 2024: from inflation decline to global challenges, scenarios, and opportunities

After a period of constant growth, economy 2024 appears to be a year of significant changes in the global economic arena. Forecasts indicate a decline in inflation, but the threat of a recession persists. At the same time, generative artificial intelligence emerges as a catalyst for business acceleration.

Economy 2024

Inflation trends will be downward, leading to a reduction in interest rates that have reached record levels. However, analysts highlight the risk of a recession, less aggressive but still present, which could impact the United States first and then Europe. This situation could trigger a wave of defaults among businesses, squeezed between high interest rates and declining inflation.

Investments in defense

2024 will witness significant investments in the defense sector on both sides of the Atlantic, driven by growing geopolitical tensions in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. NATO and the European Union have allocated record budgets for the coming year, with a particular focus on research and development of innovative military solutions.

Digital Euro in 2024

In the Eurozone, 2024 will be characterized by the concrete start of the preparation phase for the digital euro. With regulations in the ideation phase and technological partners in the selection phase, the year will be crucial for the future of the European single currency in digital format.

Growing Climate Finance

COP28 saw an agreement reached after years on the loss and damage fund, with Italy ready to invest a hundred million euros. Climate finance emerges as a significant lever for energy transition and global warming containment, with predictions of a new acceleration already in 2024.

Batteries and Energy Transition

Energy transition requires a more efficient use of batteries. Goldman Sachs predicts increased investments in 2024, not only in battery production but also in battery recycling and the transition to sustainable chemical products.

Economy 2024: Generative AI

The generative artificial intelligence market will continue to grow in 2024, with predictions of chip sales for generative AI reaching $40 billion. EU regulation could influence global markets and investments.

Geopolitical Tensions and Defense

Geopolitical tensions will lead to significant investments in the defense sector in 2024, with NATO and the European Union allocating record budgets. According to the Bank of America, this will benefit not only defense companies but also leaders in cybersecurity.

Italian Economy in 2024

While Italy moves with a maintenance budget maneuver, questions arise about competitiveness and public spending. Geopolitics returns to the forefront, emphasizing the importance of being part of Europe in a context of growing global uncertainties.

2024 looks to be a year of challenges and opportunities in the global economic landscape. With changes in inflation dynamics, key investments in strategic sectors, and the growth of generative AI, businesses will need to adapt to capitalize on emerging opportunities and manage evolving geopolitical challenges.


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