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Christmas 2023: Installment Gifts and Market Boom, Italians Indulgent in Spending

Christmas 2023 is approaching, bringing with it interesting consumption trends ranging from extra-indebtedness to Christmas markets. Let’s delve into the details of these dynamics, exploring the pros and cons.

Installment Gifts: Risks and Convenience

Extra-indebtedness seems to emerge as the protagonist of the festivities, with growing interest among Italians in the “buy today, pay tomorrow” option in 3 or 5 interest-free installments. However, behind this apparent convenience lie hidden risks. According to the analysis of Black Friday conducted by La Stampa journalist Fabrizio Goria, fully understanding the disadvantages of this financial practice is crucial.

Christmas Market Boom: Breath of Fresh Air for the Economy

Christmas markets are experiencing a genuine tourist boom, offering a breath of fresh air to the local economy. However, success has led the municipality to consider the possibility of moving the Santa Lucia Fair to manage the influx of visitors. An extremely positive assessment of the long Immaculate Conception bridge testifies to the positive effect on neighboring territories.

Purchase Preferences: Gourmet Baskets at the Top

According to the Coldiretti/Ixè analysis, a whopping 28 million Italians are gearing up to buy gifts at Christmas markets. Gourmet baskets top the list of preferences, representing 37% of choices. These baskets offer a wide variety of options, from luxurious ones with Swarovski-decorated sparkling wine bottles to more affordable options with simple countryside products.

Gourmet Baskets: Customization and Variety

The average spending on Christmas baskets stands at 53 euros, with a wide range of options from luxury to low-cost. The trend of customization becomes increasingly evident, with the creation of DIY themed baskets. Coldiretti’s president, Ettore Prandini, emphasizes the importance of shopping at farmers’ markets to support the national economy.

Spending Outlook: Moderate Growth and Prudent Choices

Confesercenti and Ipsos’ research provides insight into Italians’ spending intentions for Christmas gifts. Despite a 13% increase from the previous year, inflation limits the actual increase to +6%. Clothing, perfumes, and books dominate purchase intentions, with e-commerce being the preferred channel.

Conclusions: Balance between Joy and Awareness

In conclusion, Christmas 2023 will be a period of consumption growth, but with an awareness of financial risks and the need to act responsibly. Italians are gearing up to celebrate the holidays with joy, balancing the exchange of gifts with a mindful attention to their finances.


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