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Argentina: Milei Devalues Peso by 50% and Overhauls Economy with Drastic Measures

The Milei government in Argentina has initiated a series of radical economic reforms, with Economy Minister Luis Caputo announcing a 50% devaluation of the peso against the dollar. The IMF has approved these bold measures, considering them a courageous step toward improving public finances.

Draconian Measures to Address Root Causes

President Milei, in his address, emphasized the need to address the root causes of the economic problem, criticizing previous governments for attacking consequences and not causes. Caputo confirmed the elimination of public procurement tenders, asserting that private enterprises would now handle infrastructure. This move is expected to reduce dependence on fiscal deficits, addressing the issue at its core.

Public Spending Cuts and Import Liberalization

In line with the fiscal deficit reduction strategy, the Milei government announced cuts to public spending and the abolishment of the import authorization system. The minister stated that everyone would be allowed to import, paving the way for a more open and competitive market. This trade liberalization is seen as a crucial step toward greater efficiency and competitiveness in the Argentine economy.

Peso Devaluation and Social Support

The devaluation of the Argentine peso has been set at 50%, with the official exchange rate shifting from 400 to 800 pesos per dollar. Caputo warned the public about challenging months ahead in terms of inflation, announcing the sole social support measure in the package: a 100% increase in the universal child allowance and a 50% increase in the food card. These increases aim to protect the most vulnerable sectors of society during the transition period.

Reactions and IMF Approval

The International Monetary Fund welcomed the measures, describing them as “courageous actions” that would contribute to stabilizing the economy and fostering sustainable growth led by the private sector. The IMF’s note also highlighted the importance of these reforms in realigning the supported program.

New Era with Milei

Javier Gerardo Milei, the Argentine president, took office on December 10, immediately announcing a period of drastic measures to tackle the economic crisis. His statement on the need for an economic “shock” was followed by the peso devaluation and structural reforms. Despite challenges and predictions of difficulties, Milei remains determined to eradicate inflation and steer Argentina towards sustainable growth.


The Milei government has ushered in a new era for Argentina, confronting economic challenges decisively and courageously. While the measures are drastic, they seem to have the approval of the IMF, and now the South American country is gearing up for a period of profound transformations in an attempt to restore economic stability. The focus will now shift to the effective implementation of these reforms and the challenges the Argentine people will face in adapting to a new economic reality.


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