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Zigong City commercial bank

Zigong City commercial bank


Zigong city commercial bank, Ltd is formed on the basis of six urban credit cooperatives in zigong city, approved by the people's Bank of China, on December 28, 2001, was formally opened. Since the establishment of our adhering to the "concept of internationalization and localization of business" business philosophy, adhere to the "attitude is everything" work concepts, adhere to "to serve the local economy, services, small and medium enterprises, services, urban residents" market orientation, is committed to supporting the economic development of zigong. Dedicated to providing safe, efficient, high quality financial services to the people of the whole city, has a good reputation in the community, effective implementation of social responsibility.

Services: current account, business account, personal account, credit card, debit card, personal loan, commercial loan, mortgage.


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current account
business account
personal account
credit card
debit card
personal loan
commercial loan