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Zhubaijia was a special existence in China’s short-term accommodation market. It targeted domestic outbound tourists who would rent houses abroad for a short period, which is different from Xiaozhu and Tujia. Zhubaijia was originated from the Asian office of Wimdu in October 2012, formerly known as the “European Airbnb”. After Airbnb entering China, it first expanded the needs of Chinese outbound tourists, which was almost coincident with the strategy of Zhubaijia. However, many houses and services from Airbnb couldn’t be guaranteed and suitable for the Chinese, which was just the superiority of Zhubaijia. Zhubaijia had its own set of access and audit standards of houses: the platform would follow the Putonghua proficiency level of landlords, attitude towards Chinese, reception of Chinese tourists, response speed, cleanliness, traffic, facilities and so on to search for good accommodation sources. In addition, Zhubaijia would supply a series of services including consultancy, language services, delivery, dispute resolution and others.

Services: property management, property development, rental value estimate.


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property development
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