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Kristal.AI is an award-winning digital wealth management platform, licensed and operational in Singapore (MAS - CMS), India (SEBI - RBI), and Hong Kong (SFC Type 4 & Type 9). The platform currently hosts 150+ investment strategies, branded as Kristals, which are available via the three subscription models we offer to our clients. The Kristals contain asset classes such as Mutual Funds, Bonds, Equities/ ETFs, Options and Futures etc. Our proprietary advisory algorithm offers our clients the most appropriate investment advice after taking into consideration their risk appetite, financial goal(s), and investment horizon. It also offers regular rebalancing and allocation of their portfolios to make their investment cycle on the platform a seamless one.

Services: wealth management, personal finance management.


Kristal Product Tour Video 2018

Register. Invest. Track. This is investing that is on your side. Welcome to a brand new era of digital investments.

Corporate Video

Kristal.AI brings intelligence into intelligent investing but who are the people who ensures every single customer is satisfied and getting their money's worth. Let's hear the Kristal.AI Hong Kong and Singapore team about what is Kristal.AI and how we are making a difference one investment at a time!



  • Name Kristal.AI
  • Main market Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and Dubai
  • Headquarters Singapore
  • Website https://kristal.ai

Kristal.AI's tags

wealth management
personal finance management