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The social platform for Finance

Discover how you can use Gooruf to change the way you find and engage with new users of financial services.

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The new age of customer engagement

What can you expect?

Welcome to Gooruf, your financial network.

Our goal is to build a community of active users who can communicate with Companies around their services and fields of expertise.

With so much information out there about financial products, people can struggle to find the right tip or service for them.That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you connect your services to the public in an engaging and modern way.

We know that finance is about important personal decisions and users want to connect to Companies they trust. In today’s digital world, the reputation you carry on the web is an important way for users to identify which Companies are the right partners for them and their needs.

That’s why Gooruf exists. We want to bring together Companies and users on our platform where they can build meaningful relationships and help one another.

What can you do?

Build a Bespoke Profile

Our team will create a bespoke profile for your company to display your brand, services and media. You will also be able to manage this profile via a personalised dashboard.

Promote Services

Share your products and services with users who are interested in discovering the right financial solutions to their needs.

Thought Leadership

Share your expertise and publish market insights directly on our platform while demonstrating your market leadership to the community.

Interact with the Community

Provide users with answers and begin meaningful conversations through direct messaging.

Gain Traffic Analytics

Make the most of your digital presence by understanding how users respond to your content, such as your products and services.

Build Trust

Grow your brand and become a Company that is approachable and in touch with the needs of users.

How do we help?

How do we help

Gooruf helps deliver information in a easy and modern web interface that helps users discover new services and Companies. Users are able to get a personalised feed of information on services and Companies they follow. We provide regular updates and recommendations based on their interests to help them find the right solution.


On Gooruf, our editorial team of seasoned journalist publish daily news and updates. Our community can stay updated and learn about new products, services and financial trends. We also collect together news related to Companies inside their profile.


We have created a space where users can find simple clear guides to become more financially informed. Along with regular articles, we create product reviews, guides, expert video interviews and other informative material.


Users can ask questions about financial services and get help from a network of Companies, professionals and peers. We also bring together financial Experts who can provide expert insight into trends and current market analysis.

You are in safe hands

Gooruf is a company founded by Blue Financial Communication. BFC is a public listed Italian company with 20+ years of experience in the media industry for financial information. We’re an Independent publishing house with 150 leading institutional clients and 100,000+ active users. BFC produces online and printed publications including Forbes Italia. It also has a presence in the UK, Italy and Asia.

You are in safe hands

Start your journey

If you are interested in learning more about how Gooruf can help you grow your brand, connect to users and build thought leadership, please get in touch and our team will be happy to talk you through the many features available to our Premium Companies.

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